"The combined beauty, creativity, and talent in and around the Paper Cow Theater is like a magical dream coming to life. This community is so fortunate to benefit from Kris' talents."
Leslie LeBarron-Fahl

"Thank you for the most delightful afternoon at the Paper Cow Theater. Several ladies said it was the best Red Hat outing we've had...May the Paper Cow Theater continue making all ages laugh and be silly."
June Grambo

"Kris is the most funnest drama teacher and her barn lets me bring out my drama and imagination."
Belle Hearley - Age 8

Storytelling » Madame Lanita

Madame Lanita Madame Lanita is one of Kris' original storytelling characters. She is a mysterious middle aged gypsy who brings with her a colorful set and mystical props. Lanita shares the three most important aspects of gypsy life; storytelling, singing, and dancing. Lanita's original tales of mystery are brought to life with her authentic props, sound effects, and character transformation. All performances include an original song/dance with audience participation. Kris and Lanita offer a choice between the following programs for $300 plus travel and mileage.

Heartfelt Wishes
Lanita examines the fragile act of making wishes. Two stories, Long Legs-Tiny Feet and Eleo's Wish, include tales of trolls, talking flowers, magic dust, a mermaid and a unique one-eyed black chicken. Discover why we must always consult our hearts prior to stating our most meaningful wishes.

Violet's Blue
A young girl named Violet learns to value each and every amazing color in our world. Enjoy Violet's lesson as Lanita cries like a baby, transforms into a mysterious old pipe-smoking woman, and discovers a bit of magic at the bottom of a beautiful blue bottle.

Lost Ladies
Lanita unveils the scary whereabouts of two lost women from a nearby village. Pickle Vat Blues introduces Eula, an eccentric old woman who paints each toe nail in her flock of chickens. One day Eula disappears after being called upon by a distant hypnotic voice. In Lucky a recluse named Ina is forced to leave her house for the first time in order to find her dog Lucky. We discover in the end that lost spirits sometimes find their way home again.

Sophia's Promise
This is a sad tale of love and loss. Sophia's dying son begs her not to leave his side; unfortunately, she must enter the world of the insane to keep that promise. The unexpected climax will have audience members chilled, yet hopeful.

Tragic Tales
Choices are made that lead our desperate characters down very dark paths. In Omar's Mistake we meet Omar, a wonderful artist, farmer and husband. Unfortunately, he is also a penny pincher who makes a very selfish choice. This mistake will force Omar to take hopeless measures to keep his family together. In Albert's Eyes, young Albert is searching for the leaves on his "family tree." When Albert ignores a mystic's advice to stop his search, the disturbing family secret is revealed.

Gypsy Secrets
Audience members discover two fascinating techniques in telling the future. In Grandmother's Door, little Zelma's gypsy grandmother died before sharing her fortune telling secret. Join Little Zelma as she carefully sifts through her grandmother's bedroom and discovers the amazing items her grandmother has left for her to find. In The Tea Reading Lesson, Lanita shares a fascinating tale about the history and mystery of reading your own tea leaves.

Little Friends & Foes -
We hear the warm hearted tale of friendly fairies and the unsettling tale about the nasty nature of ugly trolls. In Oscar Breckie, join Lanita as she transforms into her long time friend. As a child, Lanita would visit Oscar Breckie's camp and become entranced as he sang and danced for his strangle little fairy friends. In A Troll Wedding, sweet Linda is being naughty and her parents are horrified to discover why. As Lanita transforms into a hideous old troll woman, celebrate the ingenious way in which Linda's parents save her from the hypnotic trance of these unwelcome neighbors.

Together Forever -
We discover the desperation deep love and loss can create. In The Communicator, Lanita tells the tragic tale of a loving family who makes a dreadful decision with tragic consequences. This haunting mistake will lead the despondent father Ivan to put all his faith in a strange little woman with an even stranger contraption. In Levi and Pearl, the happiest day of this couple's life ironically turns out to be the saddest and most mysterious. The day is mysterious not only for lost lovers, but for the townspeople as well.

A One Room Nightmare -
Lanita shares the scary tale of Miss Wolske's fourth grade class as they take a fieldtrip to an abandoned one room schoolhouse on an overgrown island. Discover who continues to "teach" and "haunt" this long forgotten sanctuary. The shocking conclusion will leave audience members believing in ghosts and the wonders of magic.

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