"The combined beauty, creativity, and talent in and around the Paper Cow Theater is like a magical dream coming to life. This community is so fortunate to benefit from Kris' talents."
Leslie LeBarron-Fahl

"Thank you for the most delightful afternoon at the Paper Cow Theater. Several ladies said it was the best Red Hat outing we've had...May the Paper Cow Theater continue making all ages laugh and be silly."
June Grambo

"Kris is the most funnest drama teacher and her barn lets me bring out my drama and imagination."
Belle Hearley - Age 8

Storytelling » Sophie Obermueler

Sophie ObermuelerSophie Obermueler is one of Kris’ original storytelling characters. She is a sweet, elderly woman who passionately shares stories celebrating her love of history, family traditions, and nature. Sophie shares these stories with accuracy, empathy and compassion while using authentic props, sound effects and character transformation. Kris and Sophie offer a choice between the following programs for $300 plus travel and mileage.

Dancing Tree
Sophie emphasizes the personal joy of spending time with Mother Nature by describing a lifelong friendship with her dancing tree. Sophie transforms into her long time make-believe friends, Buckeye the Pirate, Clarabella the Princess, and Helgard the Witch. By recreating her cherished memories with dancing tree, Sophie encourages audience members to play within their own imaginations and discover a personal life-long nature friend.

Family Treasures
Sophie shares family history and tradition with her humorous and touching stories, Ultimate Beauty, A Blackberry Lesson, and Bullhead Aroma. Sophie’s personal and heartfelt family stories will have audience members laughing, crying, and embracing their own unique personal experiences.

Past and Present (A Christmas Celebration)
Sophie shares Old Ladies Have Pretty Toes and A Lutfisk Love Story. Sophie’s stories describe simple childhood memories and long-held family traditions which emphasize the importance of life’s unwrapped Christmas presents.

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